it has been almost 5 months and i still cant stop thinking about this


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Probably the most inspirational video I’ve ever seen.

Lauren Lubin explains her story leading to the production of her film that will make the gender neutral and genderqueer community visible to the world.

Support the We Exist Movement!



Source: Orientation Police by Bill Roundy

This is cute as fuck and describes pretty accurately how I feel too.


In seven days, we hiked 80 miles across an entire mountain range, climbed two 13ers, skinny-dipped in two alpine lakes and a river, I was the first person to summit Mt. Whitney on the 4th of July, and simultaneously we were the first people to witness sunrise on the entire Pacific coast. Summer has begun; adventure has been redefined.




A very good way of going about explaining this issue. It’s good to see something positive come from Tumblr.

I really like this post because it shows both points of view and how both genders are hurt, not just women and not just men. I really like this. 

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Gender posters 1/2


All 3 of these things are so important.

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"No Government Should Be Able To Decide This": Animated Short On Gender Recognition


"It’s impossible to condense the complex notion of identity into a single, unchangeable M or F." The film was released today along with a global guide to transgender recognition laws.